Architect: Arnold Palmer

The Arnold Palmer Design Company is responsible for the design, the shaping, construction – and as a result the excellent play – of our fine golf course.  But this is not a situation where Mr. Palmer takes a fallback position and relegates what goes into the course.

That’s because Eagle Ranch is an Arnold Palmer “Signature” course.

What does, “Arnold Palmer Signature Design” mean?

This is the Arnold Palmer Design Company’s highest level of service. The Arnold Palmer Signature brand begins and ends with Mr. Palmer. Each course is an original work that is the culmination of over 40 years of experience building golf courses of distinction. It’s a passion for strategic design, personal commitment to each client and project, a hands-on approach to design and intense focus on important details through each phase of the project, insuring that the golf course will be one of a kind.

“The landscape, the natural water coming off the mountains really makes for a great venue.  It’s about as pretty as you’d ever want to see. When designing a course at this high altitude, you have to give consideration to a lot of things. One, the ball flies a little further. Generally, you’ve got the situation where the ball will roll a little more too. This golf course, at sea level, would be very, very tough because we’ve added some length in certain areas to accommodate the altitude.”

“Our policy is to build golf courses people can enjoy. Our goal is on any afternoon to have 120 golfers on the course, all moving pretty quickly and enjoying themselves. Then, on the following morning, we’ve got the district pros competing, and we can give them the level of competition they’re looking for.”

“The fairways are very playable and the roughs are not extremely tough.”

Arnold Palmer


Eagle Ranch Golf Club