The best golf practice facility in the area. Or so we’re told…

“Arnold Palmer designed this gem, and it has the best practice facility in the Vail Valley.”

Golfers tell us one of the things they like best about our practice facility at Eagle Ranch Golf Club is, when they hit a drive on our range, they can see how far it goes! And with up to 30 grass hitting stations, that’s a lot of happy golfers practicing drives!

Our practice facility gives you ample opportunity to practice every stroke you’ll encounter on the course. Another perk of practicing here. The entire range is about 400 yards long and 100 yards wide. There’s also a teeing area at the other end of the range that’s open to the public — a nice quiet area.

We have five target greens, two putting greens, one chipping green, one practice bunker and a separate teaching tee. There is also a 4-hole chipping area near the clubhouse.

For your lessons, we maintain a teaching area separate from the public hitting area, so you can learn without distractions. We offer private, group, beginners, ladies-only, quick tips and free clinics — along with demo days and custom club fitting.

Our First Tee Program is strong. Check that section of our website for details, schedules, etc.

Five PGA golf pros. No waiting!

Teaching the game of golf is a serious business here at Eagle Ranch Golf Club.

As Teaching Professionals, we strive to make learning the game of golf a relaxing and enjoyable experience that leaves students anxious to learn and play more. We utilize video, Ping Certified custom fitting and several additional training aids.

Meet Our Pros

Our PGA Professional staff is dedicated to making golf a fun game for as many people as possible.

We offer a variety of lesson programs to provide convenient, reasonably priced options for golfers of all abilities, gender and ages. These include programs such as Get Golf Ready for groups, The First Tee for Juniors, Ladies Only Clinics and even “Swing Tips and a Beer with the Pro.”


Jeff Boyer – Eagle Ranch Director of Golf

Jeff has been a member of the PGA since 1996 and the “Pro” at Eagle Ranch since it opened in 2001. He enjoys sharing his passion for the game with his students and believes that they should first focus on the target and create a positive mental image of their shot, whether it is on the putting green or at the tee. He also believes that a proper swing plane is the best way to achieve consistent shot-making.


0e4170c2c6503990831161e806eb5038_f15Nate Corsbie – Eagle Ranch Head Golf Professional

Nate has been a member of the PGA since 2007 and Head Golf Professional at Eagle Ranch the last three seasons. He also worked two seasons as the First Assistant and a season as a PGM Intern at Eagle Ranch prior to becoming the Head Golf Professional. Nate’s teaching philosophy is that all students can improve by focusing on the fundamentals of a sound grip, good posture and ball placement. He has a strong understanding of the cause and effects of swing faults and how to correct them.

639f625761da1d5db7ad907b0615c19b_f16Erica Webster – Eagle Ranch Teaching Professional

Erica has been a member of the PGA since 1997 and has taught at Eagle Ranch for the past four seasons. Prior to coming to Eagle Ranch, Erica was the Head Golf Professional at the Cordillera Mountain Course in Edwards, CO. Erica especially enjoys teaching women and helping to improve their knowledge and skill. An accomplished player herself, she has a great understanding of the skills required to play at a high level, but also has the ability to simplify the basic fundamentals for a beginning golfer.

404e7585fab953c45551748a8e410979_f17Ed Sheptak – Eagle Ranch 1st Assistant Professional

Ed is a level one apprentice in the PGM program. Prior to coming to Eagle Ranch Golf Course, Ed was the 1st Assistant at a private course in Northwest Indiana.  Ed competed in four years of NCAA division two golf, and has very traditional views on the golf swing.  Solid fundamentals will ultimately result in a more consistent and fun golf game.

Mike Allen – Eagle Ranch Assistant Professional

Mike is a PGA Member and has worked at several golf courses in Wisconsin and Arizona.  He has also taught skiing for many years and is an avid tennis player.  He enjoys relating his experience in these sports when teaching golf.

2017 Golf Lessons

Private Adult Lessons

    ½ Hour – $45

    1 Hour – $80

    4 Hour Package – $240

Private Adult Group Lessons

    2 to 3 adults per hour – $100

    4 to 5 adults per hour – $150

Private Junior Golf Lessons

    ½ Hour – $40

    1 Hour – $70

    4 Hour Package – $210

Private Junior Golf Lessons

    2 to 3 juniors per hour – $100

    4 to 5 juniors per hour – $150

Get Golf Ready – Adult Golf Clinics

GET GOLF READY is a fun and affordable way to learn golf, whether you’ve never played before or you have some experience and just want to improve.  Get Golf Ready 101 is for beginners and teaches the basic fundamentals of the game, as well as some basic rules and etiquette.  Get Golf Ready 102 is for students who have some golf experience and want to further their knowledge and gain more on course experience.  Each series of Get Golf Ready 101 & 102 costs just $99.  You can also put your own private group of four or more together and schedule a Get Golf Ready series with one of our PGA Professionals at your convenience.

Get Golf Ready Schedule

Get Golf Ready 101   –   Saturday & Sunday, August 12th & 13th – 5:00pm – 7:30pm

Get Golf Ready 102   –   Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, August 21st, 22nd & 23rd – 5:00pm – 7:00pm



Eagle Ranch Golf Club

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